Virtual Care &
Note Automation

Use the Virtual Care and Charting Automation platform built by doctors for doctors.

Forget administration, focus on medicine!


Automate Notes

Using intelligent medical questionnaires to collect data from patients, we automate medical notes using artificial intelligence.


Virtual Care

See your patients via video or phone consults and improve patient access while opening new revenue streams!


Update your CPP

Tired of double or triple entering data? We can keep your cumulative patient profiles up to date!

Automate Medical Documentation

Build your Virtual Practice

Reduce Administrative Expenses

Insig is used widely across healthcare!

  • Research

    Our data mining and AI tools are built for research.

  • Hospitals

    We can connect to hospital systems. Find out how!

  • Automation

    Automate faxes, referals and many other aspects of your clinic

  • Preffered Provider Network

    Looking for more patients? Join our PPN and drive traffic to your clinic.

  • Chronic Disease Monitoring

    We make chronic disease monitoring safe and effective.
    Find out how.

  • Private Care

    Looking to shift some work out of the public system? We've got you covered.

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Improved Care and Efficiency

Insig powers the most technologically advanced clinics.

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