Virtual Care

Start your own
Private Virtual Practice

Making Private Medicine Easy

Set up your virtual practice in minutes. Bring your expertise directly to your patients.

Configurable Prices

Only see the cases you want and set different rates for each service.

Get paid quickly and securely

We accept debit and credit cards online and transfer the money to you.

Safe Virtual Care

Coupled with remote data capture, virtual care is much safer. Get the medical note before the visit.

Optimized for growth

Use your relationships and expertise to grow your private offering

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get a detailed view of your virtual practice to better understand throughput, scheduling, and your patient demographic.

Patient Onboarding

Want to communicate to patients your new virtual care platform? Let us help. We are experts on patient communication.

Expand Virtually with Insig

We are committed to integrating seamlessly with your existing workflows. Contact us for further information about our integrations with other systems.

Your practice, managed

Focus on the medicine you love and let us handle the rest

Insig and the Cloud

Want to do virtual care from the beach? No problem. Stay on top of everything, even when you’re away. You have live access to Insig directly from your smartphone.


We have built a compliant video and phone virtual medicine platform.

Video and phone

Give your patient's multiple options to contact you. Video or phone calls accepted!